Contribute Now to Help Our Freedom Fighters!

by Kathleen "Mama Hop"


The people who are receiving citations inside of the WI State Capitol building right now are doing so to show are unconstitutional the rules are. Our Capitol is just that--ours. And no one man, or group of men, can make up a set of rules that violates the First Amendment of the Constitution. We have the right to assemble in the public areas there; we have the right to express our political speech, even if it offends someone. This was made especially clear recently by the Supreme Court's ruling in favor of the Westboro Baptist Church--a group that truly offends almost everyone, yet is allowed to continue to hold their signs and shout their opinions in whatever public place they wish.

This is what Americans know as "freedom of speech." And WE still live in America, whether DOA Secretary Mike Huebsch, the Fitzgerald brothers, Scott Walker or even the Koch brothers believe that or not.

The only problem is that THOSE men have a lot more money than those willing to fight against these wealthy, powerful individuals who want to take our freedoms away. While they force the Capitol Police to issue expensive citation after expense citation to our Freedom Fighters, they are hoping to break their spirits. We cannot allow this to happen. Please help by contributing all that you can to help in their legal defense.

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