Contribute Now to Daily Kos for Joe Sestak

by Jeff Dories


We need a true progressive voice from PA! Who better than veteran Joe Sestak? Here are ten solid reasons to choose Sestak over Specter and fund him here:

1. AFL-CIO Rating: Specter 61%, Sestak 97%

2. League of Women voters: Specter 44%, Sestak 100%

3. National Education Association: Specter 56%, Sestak 100%

4. NAACP: Specter 76%, Sestak 95%

5. League of Conservation Voters: Specter 40.5%, Sestak 97%

6. IAVA: Specter B+, Sestak A+

7. Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund: Specter 60%, Sestak 100%

8. Specter voted with George W. Bush on Iraq, Tax cuts for Millionaires, and thousands of other votes.

9. Specter voted for President McCain and Vice President Palin less than one year ago.

10. If Specter is elected, it will probably be his last term, so we will have no way to hold his feet to the fire... Do we really just want to trust that he will vote in a progressive way? Or will he be another Joe Liebermann standing in the way of Democratic reform?

Image of Joe Sestak

Joe Sestak