Contribute Now to Hollywood for Kevin Powell

by Kevin Powell for Congress 2010

Please join me in supporting my friend Kevin Powell, who is a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Brooklyn, New York. Kevin is a dynamic leader who is also a writer and prolific speaker. He has spent much of his career working as a community organizer in Brooklyn and across the country.

Kevin has a reputation as a bridge builder, and I know that he would be a great representative to all of his constituents. As a Congressperson, Kevin will work on issues like education, job and small business creation and development, healthcare, and much more—these issues impact Americans everywhere. Please take a look for yourself by visiting I am certain that you will agree with me, Kevin is the type of leader that we need now. He has a fresh message and a strong team, but as you well know, winning elections does not happen without financial resources. Please join me today by donating to this act blue page! Thank you.

Image of Kevin Powell

Kevin Powell