Contribute Now to A Kansas shout out: "Joe's just gotta go!"

by Nancy Noyes-Ward


I would like to see Rob Miller win this seat from Joe Willson because I am a Virginia-born-bonafide-Southerner living in Kansas and I can truly state Joe Wilson does not exemplify gracious Southern behavior. That may sound frivolous, but Wilson's behavior was frivolous and reckless! Regardless of one's disagreements with the President, Rep Wilson's tone and method were beyond inexcusable. It simply isn't done to shout out our President is a liar. Rep Wilson is a member of congress and has an opportunity to speak with constituents and debate bills on the floor of the congress. How can the good people of South Carolina be represented in a deserving manner by a man displaying behavior befitting a heathen?

Please support Rob Miller in his quest to fill this seat and help keep civil discourse in our nation's capital. There is a difference between impassioned speech and boorish heckling! Therefore I hope you will join me in rallying for Rob Miller and telling Joe that Kansans want him out!

Image of Rob Miller

Rob Miller