Contribute Now to 22 to Open the Doors of Congress

by Kubla

The Halls of Congress can Swing to the Democrats in 2006 if the following group of fine women and men have our support to Speak Truth To Power!!! Welcome to Kubla’s Act Blue grassroots page; if you’re wondering what Act Blue is, click the logo at the top and read all about it. Act Blue is the Voice of the People. It is our way to support candidates nationwide and link together to raise money at the grass roots in $1, $10, and $20 increments. If every person in America who wants to Balance Bush with Blue Democratics gave $5 this month, we’d surely kick the Republican’s butt and balance the millions that Exxon and JP Morgan give to the GOP. Its our turn to Make This a Democracy Again!

I’m asking my friends and colleagues to donate $22 every time they JUST CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE. Have you watched the News Lately? We need change, or our Country may never be the same. With your $22 donation, every candidate on this list will happily accept $1. If DUMBya Irks Your Soul Twice a month between now and Nov. 4th, Each candidate on this list of critical New Swing Seats will receive $12 from you between now and Nov. $12 you say. Well, $12 is the increment of People Powered Politics. If every contributor passes this page to several friends, or Even Better, makes their own page, the Grassroots powered Democratic Party can take back the halls of Congress in November.

These 22 Americans can Bring Bush Down!!! And This is your chance to make it happen!!! Why 22 you may ask? Well, 15 representatives and 7 Senators will give the Dem's +1 Votes in each chamber, and LEADERSHIP ROLES! Every seat listed is a Competitive Challenger vs a Rubber Stamp Incumbent. Can we really afford 2 more years of Rubber Stamp Politburo Politics from the GOP?

Please read each candidates site, look at their issues. We will achieve the following with this group of dedicated Democrats:

1- Real Healthcare Reform 2- Energy Independence 3- An End to the Iraq War 4- A Guarantee of No Nukes In Iran 5- A Reduction in National Debt 6- Increases in Educations, Arts, Humanities, and SCIENCE (Bush’s Arch Nemisis) 7- Sane and Adult Managed Government 8- LOBBIST REFORM!!!

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts and welcome to the politics of the New Centruty. Forward this fundraising page to your Friends. Friends who are mad at Bush, mad at congress, mad over Iraq. Friend who want Change. Friends who may not have a local candidate to support. Friends in need of a Voice. Because we have one now, especially if your own district doesn't have a competitive race!

We have the power, Vote and Donate for Change in '06!

These are the WINNERS who need our generous support.

Image of Brad Ellsworth

Brad Ellsworth


Western Indiana, Red Territory, will go Blue with Brad Ellsworth. Running against a Weak opponent in the shallow pockets of the Christian Coalition, the ultra-conservative incumbent Trails Brad in Campaign Fundraising. The Same Ulta-Conservative Rep who VOTED AGAINST KATRINA RELIEF!

Brad has a robuts $370,706 Cash on Hand, compaired to his opponents $55,844. The GOP has left this district wide open and Brad is ready to step in.

In Brad's Words: "Today, I’m running for Congress because I believe Washington has stopped listening.

I’m a Sheriff, not a politician.

I believe that Washington is letting us down."

Let's give this fine Sheriff so help to sure up a district the GOP has held since 1995!

Image of Diane Farrell

Diane Farrell


Diane Goss Farrell is a dynamic Electable candidate ready to energize Washington with Great Ideas and a Leadership. A mother of two beautiful daughters and former Pre-School teacher, this is a Woman everyone can stand behind and entrust the future of our country to.

Recognized nationally as a rising star, Diane has an amazing $831,758 Cash on Hand and is set to go toe to toe with her GE owned, Pfizer Funded, and JP Morgan Paid for GOP opponent.

In Diane's own words: "As your Congresswoman, my priorities will be to restore a sense of fiscal responsibility-across the board. I’ll fight for a foreign policy that recognizes real threats, and addresses them immediately. I’ll work for a 21st century economy that will allow our children and grandchildren to prosper the way we have. I will go to the mat to make sure our transportation and educational needs are fully funded. I’ll support a real prescription drug plan, not the confusing one this Congress offers."

Image of Joseph Sestak Jr

Joseph Sestak Jr


Think of the Vacuum of Leadership in Washington for 2 seconds. Now think of Joseph:

"Prior to leaving naval service after 31 years and returning home to Delaware County, I attained the rank of Vice Admiral after having had a series of operational commands at sea, including Commander of an aircraft carrier battle group of 30 U.S. and allied ships that conducted combat operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan. I have a Doctorate in Political Economy and Government from Harvard University, and served as the Director of Defense Policy in the White House during the Clinton Administration. Since graduating from the Naval Academy, I served my nation with great pride and commitment. I now wish to serve my local community and my country with that same level of pride and commitment, taking seriously the Academy’s stated mission to develop midshipmen not just for a career of naval service, but for future development in mind and character to assume the highest responsibilities of citizenship and government."

Wow. Wow. Joseph has thus far raised a powerful $427,264 and with our help, will work to Right the Moored Ship that is our Gov't. Now this is a Leader we Need in Washington!

Image of Patricia Madrid

Patricia Madrid


Patricia Madrid can pick up a critical seat and turn a Blue state a deeper shade. A former district judge and two term Attorney General, Patricia is exciting her district to the tune of a robust $826,145 Cash on Hand. She has the resources, support and endorsements to unseat her incumbent challenger, and deserves our support on our way to Opening the Doors of Congress.

Patricia promises to "investigate the intelligence that led to the war in Iraq and press the Administration for straight, honest answers on the current state of our operations in Iraq. We must establish a definite timeline for troop withdrawal with clear benchmarks of progress." I believe as a Former Attorney General and Judge, she has the credentials to investigate the Lies that Led To War.

Image of Baron Hill

Baron Hill


Again in Red State Indiana, a Democrat is leading an Incumbent Republican in Cash On Hand with $693,416. The winds of change are certainly blowing in the Midwest. Baron nearly beat his opponent in the last run and is sure to win this cycle with your support.

The right man for this district, Baron will at the front of the push for Energy Solutions.

Baron understands this issue. "For all their talk, the current crowd in Washington has not brought energy independence to America. Baron Hill will fight to lessen our dependence on foreign oil by promoting ethanol - gasoline made from Indiana crops - and fight for incentives for bio-diesel fuel, wind energy, and increased tax credits for hybrid vehicles. Baron will also fight to cut high gasoline and home heating fuel prices that are hurting Indiana families."

Lets put this Favorite over the top!

Image of Linda Stender

Linda Stender


Linda Stender will be a name to watch after she reported an eye opening $371,149 in fundraising in her first quarter of campaigning. Her district is yearning for new leadership, and this life long public servent can bring local issues to congress and work in the best interest of her constituents.

Linda's dynamic energy and strong progressive values will deliver:

Making healthcare more affordable Increasing security at our borders and ports Combating the real threats to our national security Making America energy independent Improving education for our children Protecting our environment "

Image of Patrick Murphy

Patrick Murphy


"Patrick Murphy is a leader of character. He is an Iraq War veteran, former West Point professor, criminal prosecutor, and most importantly, a good family man. Born and raised in Northeast Philadelphia – the youngest of three to a Philadelphia police officer and career legal secretary – he learned at an early age that hard work, sacrifice, and focus will lead you to achieve your dreams."

With a robust $506,285 in fundraising thus far, Patrick is running the type of race that will turn the Congress Blue. A strong voice on Iraq policy, Patrick believes "It is time to change the direction in Iraq, and we need to start bringing our men and women home now."

Image of Peggy Lamm

Peggy Lamm


Peggy is a worthy candidate for the nomination in this Denver suburb district where this former consumer advocate speaks from a Progressive platform.

Understanding the damage bad policy can do, this former teacher "understands that the top-down, under-funded approach of the Bush Administration's "No Child Left Behind" Act clearly doesn't work."

Also committed to working families receiving adequate affordable Health care, "Peggy Lamm will work to bring serious reform to the health care system by allowing small businesses and individuals to join together in purchasing pools, and find cost-effective ways to expand health insurance for all Coloradans."

Peggy needs our help to take her issues into November and to Congress.

Image of Joe Courtney

Joe Courtney


Joe Courtney is making a competitive district all the more with a robust $673,732, with our support he will go the distance and achieve his goals address our nation's health care needs.

"As a State Representative, Joe Courtney was widely considered the Legislature's leading authority on health care issues. As Chairman of the House Public Health Committee, Joe worked to increase health coverage for children, expanded prescription drug coverage, and assisted the elderly in obtaining the long-term coverage they require."

Joe's Victory with our help will help make America Act Blue Again.

Image of Lois Murphy

Lois Murphy


In what some have identified as the most At-Risk district the GOP now holds, Lois is a powerhouse candidate ready to take this seat blue. She has an amazing $981,536 at this point and continues to impress with her ability to raise fund amonst the voters instead of the corporations and lobbiests. Louis has her sights set on improving the federal budgets.

"Return to a pay-as-you-go government so we stop spending more than we take in. Allow the federal government to negotiate lower prices from drug companies. Shut down offshore tax shelters that advantage companies that scheme to avoid paying their fair share of U.S. taxes. Enact serious lobbying and ethics reforms to stop special interest giveaways. The government should represent all of us, not create record deficits while providing subsidies and sweetheart deals for a select few. "

Lois has my ardent support. Isn't it nice to hear Democrats seaking Real Solutions for the Budget Crisis.

Image of Ron Klein

Ron Klein


Nearly winning this beachfront Miami district in 2004, Ron Klein is poised to take the only competitive seat available in the Swing State of Florida. Amassing a treasure chest of $1,859,351 in contribution so far in what is shaping up to be the real money battle in the House races, he needs every $1 he can get to keep up with his uber-funded incumbent opponent. Lets help Ron take this crucial district in November.

Image of Darcy Burner

Darcy Burner


Darcy Burner left her successful managerial position with Microsoft to serve her district after becoming a mother and dedicating her life "to work for policies that will help families who work hard and play by the rules get the opportunities they deserve."

This rising star in Northwest Politics will turn a blue state Bluer with an impressive $539,414 raised in her support thus far. Her position on Energy Independence indicates she will be a leader on the issue now pressing all of us at the pump. "Energy independence merits more than a throwaway line in a speech. It is America’s rightful destiny and a real opportunity to create a brighter future for ourselves, our children and our planet."

Elwyn Tinklenberg


Elwyn is running in a competitive district North in the Twin Cities northern suburbs. He's the only Democratic choice in a district with a 3 republican primary, and his fundraising is as strong as any of his oponents, $368,093 thus far.

Elwyn displays a depth of understanding of our current problems when he explains: "I’m running for Congress because I am deeply concerned that the increasingly polarizing and divisive politics being practiced in Washington today is undermining our ability to deal with the serious problems we face and is threatening our fundamental commitment to a “common good”.

Image of Monica Lindeen

Monica Lindeen


To win the Congress, Democrats must connect in places we would not normally associate with Democratic Strength. Monica "Lindeen says that most Montanans are pleased with the direction the state is moving since the 2004 election of Democratic Governor Brian Schweitzer and since Democrats took back the Montana Senate and tied up the House, resulting in positive progress on issues like renewable energy, economic development, affordable health care and increased funding for education—all without raising taxes."

With a competitive Senatorial Campaign drawing attention to Montana Shades of Blue, Monica compairs favorable with her incumbent opponent, thus far raising $259,622. Lets send this New Montana Democrat to Washington to spread the message of Montana's success.

Image of Gary Trauner

Gary Trauner


Another Big Mountain Democrat, Gary Trauner is in a very competitive race, trailing his Reblican Incumbent by only $15,000 Cash on Hand. Who knew these Mountain States are so supportive and rich with Big Bold Great Ideas.

Find your voice and Help send Gary to Washington. His website is rich in policy and issues; we need him to be one of our New Leaders. Promising to curb Republican Corruption, National Debt, and Oil Addiction. He intends to represent the people he meets on his 10 Month walking tour of Every county in Wyoming.... now that's commitment!

Image of Jack Carter

Jack Carter


The first son of President Jimmy Carter, Jack is a Big West Democrat in a race we can win. He is facing a well funded incumbent and will need our help all the way through November to get to Washington.

An independent minded Leader, his voice will be welcome in Cogress. Jack explains "I don't want to be "one of the Democrats" like my opponent is one of the Republicans. I am a Nevadan and an American concerned with what is best for our State and our Country. I don't care who else is for it or against it. I am a businessman. I want results, not partisan bickering. I want to bring my experience to bear on every major problem we have to develop a long-term solution that will last beyond the next election."

Image of Claire McCaskill

Claire McCaskill


Another winnable race in a Red state with a Senator whose popularity is droping as he is so closely aligned with Bush. Claire is a lifelong public servent, the first woman to be elected Prosecutor in her country, and a strong voice for Democratic Values in the Senate.

A fundraising powerhouse, Claire outfurndraised her Republican incumbent by $155,000 in the last 3 months. The momentum of the race is behind her as her opponents popularity continues to drop.

Image of Bob Casey

Bob Casey


Leading Uber-Crony Rick Santorum by 10% in the latest polls, Casey is a Powerhouse Rising star sure to replace failure with Leadership in Washington. A universally loved candidate, Bob is strong on Education. "He will fight for increased funding for child care, early childhood education, elementary and secondary school funding, after-school funding, and more assistance to help parents send their children to college."

A friend and leader for Seniors, he brings energy by promising that "the federal government should be allowed to negotiate for lower drug prices and we should use these savings to help fill the "doughnut hole" that requires beneficiaries to pay for drug costs out of their own pocket. We should also curb the sweetheart deals for insurers in the current law. And we should change federal regulations to allow for the reimportation of safe prescription drugs."

Casey is facing a weakened but very dirty and well funded challenger. Of all the seats to win this year, this is the one which will provide the greatest advantage for certain victory!

Image of Sherrod Brown

Sherrod Brown


Sherrod Brown is a strong Democratic voice on Fair Trade and Labor Protection. A future leader on Economic Policy, he was a "fierce critic of the North American Free Trade Agreement, he played a key role in efforts to defeat "fast track" trade negotiating authority in Congress. Sherrod also spoke against granting China increased trade privileges until its leaders adhere to internationally accepted human rights practices."

His Rubber Stamp Opponent is a Bush favorite and is complicit in the failures now plaguing our nation. Sherrod is running strong in this race with moment from early fundraising success. Your support will ensure Sherrod can continue to fight for American Wages and Job Security in Washington after turning a Ohio Seat Blue!

Image of Harold Ford, Jr.

Harold Ford, Jr.


Lead GOP in Crime, Bill Frist, thinks he can be president, so he is vacating this competitive Tennessee Seat. Harold Ford, Jr. has been a strong congressman from Tennessee for several years, and looks poised to turn this seat Blue, what a coup for the Democrats!

"Elected in 1996, Ford has been re-elected four times by an average of 80% of the vote and enjoys a reputation as a consensus builder. In 1998, Ford was 28 years old when he cast his vote for the first federal balanced budget - the first time America's budget had been balanced since 1969. He has played pivotal roles in advancing legislation to reform the nation's campaign finance laws, crack down on corporate cheaters by strengthening corporate governance laws, encourage more Americans to serve their country and raise standards in public education.

As a candidate for the U.S. Senate, Ford wants to make government work for all Tennesseans, not just a few. He is working to make our country independent of Middle East oil, wants a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, and is sponsoring bipartisan legislation, the ASPIRE Act, to provide an investment account for every child born in America."

Image of Jim Pederson

Jim Pederson


A rising Voice on the Issues of Immigration, Jim is on the battlelines of this very modern and pressing issue. "Jim believes that what we shouldn’t do is what Washington politicians usually do and just talk about immigration at election time and then do little to actually fix the problem. Jim will fight to make border enforcement a top priority and regain control over our borders by massively increasing the number of agents and bringing new technology to immigration enforcement.

Jim also supports bipartisan efforts to get the millions of illegal immigrants already here to step out of the shadows so we can keep track of them and ensure they are accepting the responsibilities of living in America. As an independent-minded leader focused on getting things done, Jim won’t hesitate to reach across party lines to fix the biggest problems Arizona faces."

Another Big West Democrat, Jim is also a leader for Energy Independence. "Jim will fight for a sound energy policy that will use technology we have available today, so we can free ourselves from energy dependence and invest in America’s technological future instead of pouring money into subsidies for big oil companies. Today, with hybrid, solar, and bio-mass technologies, we can boost energy efficiency immediately."

Image of John Morrison

John Morrison


John Morrison is an accomplished moderate Montana Democrat with the Record and Pedigree to oust a Weakened Republican Incumbent. "As State Auditor, John’s priorities have been affordable and available health insurance, consumer protection and economic development through capital formation."

An open minded Big Western Democrat, "Working with Republicans, Democrats, independents and the business community, John created a small business health insurance program that uses tax credits and purchasing power to help small businesses cover their employees," she said.

In less than four months, the Insure Montana program created by Morrison’s plan has enrolled 529 small businesses covering some 2,500 residents with health insurance. It eventually will cover some 1,200 businesses and 6,000 Montanans, Gordon said."

John can win his district and be the 22nd Democrat to Swing Open the Halls of Congress to a Restoration of Justice, Truth, and Liberty.

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