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by Benintn


Dennis Kucinich announced today at a press conference that he has relented, and will support the comprehensive health insurance reform legislation that is under consideration by the House of Representatives. While Kucinich is a long-time proponent of single payer insurance, he acknowledged today that "something is better than nothing" and made a very important step toward comprehensive reform that will help millions of disenfranchised Americans to access affordable healthcare.

Kucinich stated today, March 17, 2010, that he has met several times with President Obama and has gained some new perspective that led to his willingness to compromise.

"I left it with a real sense of compassion for our president and what he’s going through,” he said. “We have to be compassionate towards those who are called upon to make decisions for this nation. It’s not an easy burden that he’s taken up."

Kucinich also noted that, "People are looking for some hope that maybe something can be changed" and that he has "a real desire for our President to succeed."

In honor of Kucinich's leadership of the "Democratic wing of the Democratic Party" and his continuing quest to bring progressive values home to American families, please make a contribution to show your appreciation and support.

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Dennis Kucinich