Contribute Now to Last push to save marriage equality!

by Jen-Mei Wu


We all want to protect marriage equality, but the other side is outspending us!
Note: Some big ticket donors have pledged to match donations made today (up to some limit).</br /> If this page looks sparse, you can change it by making a contribution! ;-)
This is a last push to raise money to fight Proposition 8 which, as it says on the ballot, "eliminates the right of same sex couples to marry."
I created this page for those curious to see how much we can put together in the last days of the campaign. I know a lot of people can't afford to give, and that there are a lot of other important issues right now, but if you can give anything at all please do so.
I just received a message from the campaign that said:
"Yesterday, the other side reported donations of $2.2 million, dwarfing the $255,650 we reported, and called on their donors to contribute another $3 million."
The vote on Prop. 8 is expected to be very close, and the difference in fundraising for television ads could make the difference in that percentage point or so. Ultimately, this isn't just about same sex marriage in CA. CA is a bellweather state, and defeat of Prop. 8 here could lead to a boost to other progressive causes around the nation.

Equality for All