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by OrangeClouds115


The following candidates support healthy food and sustainable agriculture.

Image of Bill Halter

Bill Halter


Halter's the current Lt. Governor of Arkansas. He's probably the single most important candidate to support in the 2010 election because he's running against Blanche Lincoln for Senate. If he can knock her out in the primary, then she won't be able to write the 2012 farm bill.

Image of Francis Thicke

Francis Thicke

IA-Sec Ag

Francis Thicke is an organic dairy farmer with a PhD in agronomy/soil fertility who is running against the industry-backed incumbent for Iowa Secretary of Agriculture.

Image of Joshua Segall

Joshua Segall


Blogger Curtis Abbey says about Segall: I'm going to dub him the "Farmers Market Candidate" because he started a locavore program called Homegrown Alabama. Here's a link to a story about that

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