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by Gaston & Lloyd

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(since October 11, 2008)

The ballot description for Proposition 8 makes it perfectly clear. Prop 8 "eliminates the right of same sex couples to marry."

No On Prop 8, Equality For All is the coalition that is leading the fight to defeat Prop 8 and defend the fundamental right to marry for all Californians. Help me help them. Contribute to the No On 8 campaign through our fundraising page today!

Dear Friends,

Some weeks back I wrote to many of you asking you to join the efforts to defeat California’s Proposition 8. Prop. 8 is an initiative on the November 4th ballot that will change the state's constitution to eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry in the state. I was touched by your responses in support.

Lloyd and I are writing to once again plea for your support in defeating this initiative. We do so at this time because the passage of Prop. 8 now threatens to hit us very close to home. After twenty years together, we were legally married in San Francisco. (We are sorry to break the news this way. A formal announcement is forthcoming. We had to rush to California to claim our civil rights while we still could and thus forewent the joy of having the usual big ceremony and party with family and friends. Our apologies to you.)

We undertook this action as a legal affirmation of our commitment to each other. After twenty years of living as a couple, we felt we deserved the exact same rights as heterosexual couples – or at least as close to that as we are able to get at this moment. New York does not allow same-sex marriages but it does recognize them and all the rights attached to them. We also undertook this action as a political act. We wanted to join forces with thousands of gays and lesbians from all over the nation who over the last months have rushed to California before the November 4th election to assert their equality before the law.

Sadly, the efforts to defeat Prop. 8 are failing. Prop. 8 supporters are outspending the No on 8 campaign by over $10 million dollars and using their money to air misleading TV and radio ads. As a result, the polls have recently swung in favor of the initiative. If the polls hold and Prop. 8 passes, California’s constitution will be automatically rewritten to prevent other same-sex couples from enjoying the same right to marry that we just exercised. Moreover, if the initiative passes, the right-wing forces behind it are prepared to challenge in court the legality of all previous same-sex marriage certificates issued in the state. In other words, they are ready to use the passage of Prop. 8 to retroactively deny our rights and to nullify our marriage!

Having lived in California during the 1990s - when despite our efforts ballot initiatives were passed to deny public services and education to undocumented immigrants, to outlaw affirmative action and bilingual education programs, and so on – we are not surprised that the initiative is gaining strength in the polls. We recall how with enough money right-wing groups can dominate the local media, disseminate falsehoods, and whip up enough hatred and confusion to win.

We also recall the lasting negative effects such divisive and hateful politics have on those who are its targets. If Prop. 8 passes, not only will same-sex marriage in California be eliminated, not only will it be easier and more likely that marriages such as ours will be nullified, not only will the fight for equal civil rights be dealt a devastating blow, but a loud message will be sent across the nation that gays and lesbians are not human beings worthy of equal treatment and public license will be given to all those who seek to discriminate and to verbally and physically abuse and hurt gay men and lesbians.

We thus beg you to please contribute to the No on Prop. 8 campaign – see link below. No amount you donate is too small or too big to help get the word out - $10, $20, 100, whatever you can. Please ask others - at home and at work, anywhere and everywhere, in person and via e-mail - to join you in defeating Prop. 8. And, we beg those of you in California to donate of your time and energy to getting the initiative defeated. Please do it to support equal civil rights for all, do it to defeat the forces of discrimination, intolerance, and hatred in the country, and, please, please, do it for us – do it to defend our family. Our rights, quite simply, depend on you.

Thank you for your friendship and support,
Gaston and Lloyd

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