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by LDS Democrats


Hi! We're LDS Democrats.

We are an official caucus of the Utah State Democratic Party, and we're a big tent. We are proof that the LDS Church is home to a diversity of political opinion, and we aim to be a bridge between the LDS people of Utah and the Democratic Party.

The LDS Church has often repeated that, "Principles compatible with the gospel are found in the platforms of all major political parties. While the Church does not endorse political candidates, platforms, or parties, members are urged to be full participants in political, governmental, and community affairs."

This is what inspires the members of the LDS Democrats Caucus to be active in politics, and in particular, to be active in the Democratic Party. We feel that the Democratic Party is where our spiritual and political values most easily align. We are Democrats because of our strong LDS faith.

Donate to our PAC so we can help turn Utah blue! We need people to come together and support the candidates and causes that strengthen our democracy. Your support is vital to our success -- take this opportunity and donate today.

ActBlue provides a unique way for you to make your voice echo in the corridors of power. Please support them with a 10% tip when you contribute.

LDS Dems