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by Defending Wisconsin PAC


Since February, a small group of protesters has been paving the way for free speech in the Capitol. It all started with March 23, 2011, when Jeremy Ryan and Valerie Walasek challenged an unconstitutional rule banning signs from all floors of the Capitol but one. This fight was won. Then came committee meetings, also won. Now we are under attack for filming open meetings of the legislature. On Tuesday, September 14, 2011, four protesters were brutally assaulted by police for doing nothing more than filming. All four suffered moderate to severe injuries. These people are fighting for your rights and mine and making it more difficult for the GOP to push their agenda as they are failing at their power grabs due to the actions of these protesters. Funds in this account will be used for bail, court costs, attorney fees, and any other fees necessary to fight these unconstitutional charges. Also, will help cover any charges upheld that are non violent and non destructive. We will never release any money to support an action of violence or destruction, but outside of that feel that we need to band together in solidarity and realize that a variety of tactics are necessary to win this battle. And no one knows which one is best. If you would like to contribute to the Free Speech Fund and help people who actually walk the walk and put their safety and their time on the line to fight for your rights, it would be greatly appreciated.

For more info on the police brutality, here are some links:

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