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We need more out, LGBT representatives in Congress. Please donate and help build the momentum needed to elect the largest LGBT congressional delegation ever and the first out, gay senator in U.S. history!

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Image of Tammy Baldwin

Tammy Baldwin


"I think young people get it. There is such a generational divide on issues of full equality for the LGBT community. And I think the event that we’re celebrating today — the implementation of the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell — is one that’s really going to change America. Once we see openly gay servicemen and women serving proudly in uniform, risking their lives for their country that they love and believe in, I think that just changes the dynamic forever."

Image of Mark Takano

Mark Takano


"America began as an imperfect union in which ideas of freedom and equality applied to one gender and one race. Let us evolve already into the nation we should be. ENDA, yes; Out in Uniform, yes; Marriage Equality, yes; Respect, yes; Dignity, yes; LGBT equality, yes."

Image of Jared Polis

Jared Polis


"We celebrate our recent victories and our future challenges serve as our opportunities to completely level the playing field. With a focus on our nation’s value of freedom and an unflagging insistence on equality for all, we can look forward to a time when equal rights for all, regardless of the sexual orientation or gender identity, is a given."

Image of David Cicilline

David Cicilline


"Throughout my career, I've found that it is much more difficult for elected officials to advocate for denying the LGBT community our basic rights when they are working alongside an openly gay colleague. I believe that the simple act of electing more LGBT leaders to positions ranging from City Council to the US Congress can have an important impact on the advancement of full equality for our community."

Image of Mark Pocan

Mark Pocan


“When we had the fight for collective bargaining, our main political organization, Fair Wisconsin, and many people came with rainbow flags to show support from collective bargaining. I think it’s the collective fight that we have against people who want to take away rights — it’s just growing and becoming more sophisticated and more powerful.”

Image of Matt Heinz

Matt Heinz


"Matt Heinz is one of the loudest voices for equality in our state. Rep. Heinz has spent the past four years in Phoenix advocating for equal rights for LGBTQ's, and for all Arizonans. He works across party lines in a state with deep partisan divisions, and he gets things done as a result. Matt Heinz accomplishes all this without compromising his personal or professional integrity."

Image of Kyrsten Sinema

Kyrsten Sinema


"We need to seek allies and we need to vote. All issues affect gay people"

Image of Sean Patrick Maloney

Sean Patrick Maloney


“Sean has proven he knows how to get things done in Washington. He’s deeply experienced and absolutely committed to finding ways to put New Yorkers and all Americans back to work. As an openly gay dad, he’ll also be an authentic voice for LGBT families across the country. We’re extremely pleased about tonight’s big win,” said Chuck Wolfe, president and CEO of the Victory Fund, which endorsed Maloney.

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