Contribute Now to Linda 4 Legislature

by Linda Underwood


I am a long-time activist and a newbie politician trying to make a difference in my own back yard: Rensselaer County, NY Legislature.

I have thrown my hat in the ring to represent my town, Schodack and neighboring town of Sand Lake and Nassau, along with my Democratic running mates incumbent Flora Fasoldt and businessman and activist Norm Young. We want to break the strangle hold the Republican Party has on our county. Under their "leadership" our taxes have gone up more than 100%, the incumbent Republican Legislators voted themselves a 33% raise and they have bloated the county payroll with high-paying do-nothing jobs.

Please help me in my quest. Because I am a local candidate, I could not set up my own ActBlue page, so you will be donating to the Town of Schodack Democratic Commitee on my behalf. All donations coming through this page are ear-marked for my campaign alone.

Thanks! Linda

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Image of Schodack Democratic Committee

Schodack Democratic Committee