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by Jan Hua


Today my professor suggests to our class that we should stop begging to be accepted by the rest of society, but rather we should form a more contemporary model of marriage to fit modern standards of union (She suggests we have 5 year marriages which can be renewed or ten year unions with the motive of raising a dog). And although I was amused by this idea, I believe that gays really do need to project our interests onto the majority, namely, heterosexuals who claim to be "Protectors of Marriage" as if it were some "Heterosexual Man's Burden". What I can't understand is why heterosexuals cannot accept gays as common members of their community, to respect their rights to have the same equal treatment as any other member of the community.

This upcoming election, there is a proposal to take away the rights of homosexuals to marry. If you are undecided on the matter of voting on PROPOSITION 8, let me urge you to think beyond the ideologies that have been put forth by right-winged "Protectors of Marriage" and "Family Advocates" ( so they claim to be) to SCARE you into thinking that homosexuals will ruin the institution of marriage and its sanctity.

Let me move away from the topic of homosexuality in case you may have been infected by the social disease of homophobia. Note that just until 1967 when the U.S. Supreme Court declared Virginia’s anti-miscegenation stature, the “Racial Integretity Act of 1924”, unconstitutional in the case Loving v. Virginia interracial marriage was ILLEGAL in the U.S. Today, it is a common practice among Americans. This depicts a revolution of thought that ultimately allowed people of different races who were in love to live their lives together under the protection and support of the state.

The same case exists today with homosexual relations. California Supreme Court has declared the illegalization of gay marriage to be unconstitutional. Yet, conservatives still push to reprimand the courts for making such a decision. Had the people had their way with a proposition to make the union of marriage only permissible between people of the same race, many of us would not exist today. Think about that before you cast you vote to end marriage for an entire group of people.

LOVE should be the ONLY requirement. Vote NO on PROP 8.

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Equality for All