Contribute Now to Claire McCaskill

by maha


Because my Senator and Representative are Democrats with no serious challengers to their re-election, I'm adopting a candidate from another state to support in November. And since I originated in Missouri, I'm adopting Claire McCaskill, running for Senate. McCaskill is an impressive, progressive candidate who deserves more attention from the blogosphere than she is receiving.

Image of Claire McCaskill

Claire McCaskill


Claire is running against Republican Senator Jim Talent, the first-term incumbent, who has been a reliable Bush sycophant and who still says "the mission is going well" in Iraq. And Kate O'Beirne is a big fan of Talent's. 'Nuff said.

It's been a neck-and-neck race for months. According to the Associated Press, "he Republican National Committee is investing heavily in television advertising in Senate races in Ohio, Tennessee and Missouri in what officials describe as a firewall strategy designed to limit Democratic gains in the Nov. 7 elections and maintain the GOP majority." Talent has a lot more money than McCaskill, in other words.

McCaskill wants to reorganize the health care system, clean up corruption in Washington, and hold the Bush Administration accountable to Americans. See this MyDD interview and Claire's home page to learn more about her stand on issues.

A Democratic win in mostly red Missouri would be an enormous coup for progressivism. Please help make it happen.