Contribute Now to Manuel Perez

by soyinkafan

Manuel Perez

Manuel Perez is a transformational legislator for this district; he represents a new generation of Californians who are dedicated to social justice. Manuel Perez' reelection campaign is part of a movement to work for change from the bottom up and to restore our commitment to our communities. Perez is already bringing green jobs to the 80th AD, and new energy to the New River cleanup.

Please give as much as you can comfortably manage. Every grassroots dollar counts. California needs to keep this seat Democratic, and the people of the 80th Assembly District need Manuel Perez at work for them in Sacramento.

Thank you.


To contact the Assemblyman:

Asm. V. Manuel Perez State Capitol P.O. Box 942849 Sacramento, CA 94249-0080 Tel: (916) 319-2080 Fax: (916) 319-2180

Manuel Perez


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