Contribute Now to Marathoning Against 8

by Darin Soler


Dear friends-

As many as you know, I will be running the NYC Marathon on November 2nd. I didn't enter into it with any intention of raising money or asking anything of my friends other than encouragement and support. But it occurred to me recently that with this event happening just two days prior to one of the most important elections of our lives, it might be a great opportunity to call attention to a critical issue at stake and perhaps encourage some to participate - either for the first time or above and beyond what they might have already given.

While it’s looking increasingly likely that America will see beyond the divisions of race, religion and the ugly politics of distraction in the presidential election, many of these same issues are rearing their ugly heads in the ballot initiative in California to deny the right to marriage for gays and lesbians. Following an early poll showing the measure losing decisively, religious zealots went on the attack, flooding the California airwaves with misleading and fear-mongering spots suggesting that defeat of the measure would introduce gay marriage into public education and expose children to our “lifestyle”. It’s a despicable tactic – and it’s working. The latest polls are now showing the measure narrowly passing.

I saw the ads myself when I was home last weekend and decided I needed to do something to help counter the money advantage of the right wing. So here’s what I’m asking. I am dedicating my marathon effort to the defeat of Prop 8 and I have donated $10 for every mile that I am running to No on 8. I would love it if some of you would be willing to join me and donate any amount per mile that you can afford. The marathon is 26.2 miles – any amount from $1 per mile ($26.20) to $100 per mile ($2,620) will make a difference. But it’s needed NOW. Don’t wait for me to cross the finish line as it will be too late – donate TODAY so your money can help get a TV spot on the air tomorrow – or help to mobilize ground forces on election day. I’ve set a personal fundraising goal of $5,000 – it’s a lot of money in a short amount of time, so if you can help out that would be great.

Thanks again for your support and I look forward to getting back to you with good news on both events that week!

Anxiously awaiting November 2 and November 4...

Equality for All