Contribute Now to Sixty or Bust

by Phil Altman



I encourage you to give to Jim Martin's campaign. Jim is running for the Georgia Senate seat against Saxby Chambliss. Perhaps you remember Saxby for his cynical, dishonest campaign against Max Cleland six years ago. Saxby ran that campaign with such disgraceful tactics that he was upbraided by both John McCain "worse than disgraceful, it's reprehensible," and Chuck Hagel "beyond offensive to me". Furthermore, he made a name for himself in the days following September 11th by ranting that we should "turn the sheriff loose and arrest every Muslim that crosses the state line." This is not a man that should be in the Senate. Martin, on the other hand, is a Vietnam veteran who has served in the Georgia legislature for eighteen years.He is most well known for his fight to expand health-insurance coverage in Georgia. Jim Martin also represents the most viable 60th senate seat for Democrats to pick-up this year. A month ago, the polling company, Survey USA, had Martin down 17 points; last week the lead was down to just three points, inside the margin of error. This is the big blue wave. We cannot afford to have the badly needed "New New Deal" filibustered by the likes of Saxby Chambliss. The time to act, the time to secure our future is now. I ask you to donate to the Jim Martin campaign. I have given fifteen dollars - anything you can afford will help. Freedom is on the march!



Image of Jim Martin

Jim Martin