Contribute Now to Winograd for Congress

by Morris Sheppard

Marcy Winograd is running in the Dem primary against Bush war supporter and NSA spying apologist Jane Harmon in the CA 36. Harmon is entrenched, powerful and well funded, but Winograd is smart, attractive, extremely well spoken and progressive. She's already received endorsements from unions, teachers' groups, local Democratic party heads and lots of high profile progressives from Daniel Ellsberg to Gore Vidal.

She's CA-36 's version of Ned Lamont. She deserves much more exposure and with some help will stand a real chance in a heavily (70%) Dem district. If she wins the primary she'll be our next progressive House member! Her voice needs to be heard. You can email her or visit her site www.winogradforcongress for more info.

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