Contribute Now to Marcy Winograd - $25 Match! Help Make This Happen! (Matching Donation)

by PeterB


For the next 2 people who contribute to Marcy on this page, I will give her a dollar for dollar match up to $25. Thanks so far to NA, KP, ZMW MM, and JC for donating. I've matched you all dollar for dollar up to $25. A page showing my matching donations is located here.

Why should you support Marcy's challenge to Harman?

This district is so heavily Democratic, it's not a choice between a Democrat and a Republican, it's between our current Democrat or a Better Democrat.

Democrats and sensible independents don't have to put up with Jane Harman -- she's used her influence to move this county in the wrong direction for far too long. She helped pushed us to war in Iraq and failed to use her access to classified intelligence to call BS on Bush; she fought to protect telecommunications companies who committed felonies illegally spying on Americans and the administration figures who told them to do it, and more recently she's worked with fellow Blue Dog Democrats to weaken stimulus, energy, and tax policy legislation sought by Democrats in the House.

Marcy Winograd will be a force in Congress to make Democratic leadership stay true to Democratic principles, not protecting those who try to undermine them.

Recent polling shows this is a real race, but Marcy needs to get the word out - and money will help her do that.

And don't forget about the match offer. If you've gotten this far, you are a real supporter of Marcy's campaign - make one more contribution please

Image of Marcy Winograd

Marcy Winograd