Contribute Now to Help us! We do NOT want to get married again!

by Mark and Sydney


Mark and I have already been married three times. Enough is enough! Unfortunately California's Proposition 8 is threatening our marriage, and we need your urgent hep to defeat it.

If Prop. 8 is approved in the November elections, the California Constitution would be amended so that only man-woman marriages would be recognized. Our 08/08/08 wedding would be in jeopardy.

We've been through this road before: On a rainy day in February 2004 we got married in San Francisco City Hall, only to see that marriage declared "null and void" by the courts six month later. Three years earlier, in 2001, we held a ceremony at home, but the law at the time considered same-sex marriages illegal.

Today, our enemies are pouring a ton of money on television ads, spreading fear and misinformation--as if our marriage was the biggest threat to the state!

We have ads too, but not enough money to place them all. Please contribute if you can. We need the money now to save our marriage.

Thanks to all of you and special thanks to those of you who have contributed in the past.

And remember, Californians NO ON 8 and Floridians NO ON 2!



Equality for All