by Ron Wallen and Tom Carrollo


On June 24, 2008, Tom and Ron got married - having spent 55+ years as a decidedly second class couple (in the eyes of the law), but in reality a committed, caring, loving, dedicated to each other couple.

We are delighted to be acknowledged as a proudly married couple - you have no idea how good that feels - and we take every opportunity to make that known to all friends and family. We had pretty much taken care of the legal and financial matters of estate, wills, etc. - and are blessed with families who understand and love us completely for what and who we are, know what our wills provide, and are satisfied with the fairness therein. However, the 1,100 plus federal benefits married couples enjoy are denied to us and to countless happily committed same sex couples throughout the country, and this injustice still rankles and tends to lessen the wonderful feeling of marriage we have attained. And, let's not forget the countless horror stories about other same sex couples denied access to hospital when one of them is gravely ill; a survivor kicked out of the home that both worked for and on for years, when one died, a survivor left with nothing but memories when greedy family members crawl out of the woodwork to claim what is NOT rightfully theirs; and so many, many more stories too numerous to tell. These injustices cannot be allowed to continue in the 21st century, and NO ON PROPOSITION 8 will be the second step in quashing them - the first alread having been attained with the excellent decision by the California Supreme Court.

In 1948, California was the first state in the union to strike down the mysogeny laws, and it took the rest of the country an additional 17 years to follow suit, so that mixed race couples who were in love could finally be assured that their marriages would be legal throughout the land. As goes California, so goes the nation - and so we beg you to join us and do all that is in your power to start the ball rolling by preserving the right to marriage for ALL in the state of California, and by so doing, further the push toward equal justice throughout the country.

And yes, we ARE soliciting donations!


Ron & Tom

Equality for All