Contribute Now to JIm Martin for Senate

by Ed Buckley



I believe Jim Martin, a committed public servant, is our best chance to defeat Saxby Chambliss, a do nothing senator who has voted with George W. Bush 92% of the time. We see what that has done! We are now saddled with an unnecessary and costly war that misuses our troops for political purposes, a runaway deficit, runaway gas prices, a disaster in the gulf, a besmirched reputation on the world stage, a middle class being squeezed so badly financially that bankruptcies are on the rise and qualified kids are not going to college, and rising poverty in our country.

I truly believe Jim is the best candidate for the job and ask you to step up to the plate and contribute to a better America. It is not only our duty as voters, but as people who believe in the Constitution and the rule of law. We can make a difference! I believe candidates with strong, sound stances deserve our support, and this is a race where your dollars can make the difference. We need to buy television airtime, lots of it. It is the most effective way for Jim to get out his message. Chambless has bought about $4 million worth and Jim must be on TV to close the narrow gap (only 5 points) between the candidates. I have maxed out for this cause. Please contribute as much as you can to this critical cause. If Jim wins, he will likely be the 60th senator, rendering the Senate filibuster proof. With a Democrat in the Whitehouse (we certainly hope) Congress can get alot done and undo the dammage inflicted by the last 8 years. If you have questions please feel free to call me at 404-781-1100.


Ed Buckley

Image of Jim Martin

Jim Martin