Contribute Now to Martin for Senate Runoff

by Maggie Mermin


Dear friends -

We all need to go to work one more time for Jim Martin.

This has been an amazing election season, but for Georgians it's not over yet. We have a critical runoff for US Senate in Georgia on Tuesday December 2. Jim Martin needs our votes (if you are a Georgian) and our money (all of you...). If you are a Georgian, will you please help to spread the word about getting out the vote on Dec. 2? And whether you can vote in Georgia or not, will you consider doing something to help? Even a small donation will help at this point. And please help us spread the word to your email group as well.

Sen. Saxby Chambliss is using smear tactics, and he has a lot of money for negative adds. We need to counter those and help Jim get across the message that he is the candidate for these economic times. The Martin campaign is coordinating with the Obama campaign to push back against the Machine, but Jim needs money today to get his ads - positive ads - on TV now. Will you help? 1) Please encourage all Georgians to vote. 2) Please help to spread the word: forward this email - or the link to the webpage - to ten friends. 3) Please give something - big or small - to the Martin campaign TODAY.

If this Red state gets a Blue senator, everyone will benefit! And maybe I'll stop sending so many emails.

Thanks, Maggie

Image of Jim Martin

Jim Martin


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