Contribute Now to Help Eliminate Discrimination

by Matt Martin


The ballot description for Proposition 8 makes it perfectly clear. Prop 8 "eliminates the right of same sex couples to marry."

The latest polls show that Proposition 8 is now leading with 47% of support. 47% of Californians want to take marriage away from gay and lesbian couples. 47% of Californians believe that equality should be denied to gay and lesbian couples. 47% of Californians believe that the California Supreme Court's decision was wrong.
Personally, this statistic is mind-boggling. California already has one of the most liberal domestic partnership laws in the country, granting same-sex couples practically all the statewide rights as married couples. The last remaining hurdle is the word used to describe that union. That's all the Supreme Court's decision was about: allowing the union between gay and lesbian couples to be termed "marriage."
No On Prop 8, Equality For All is the coalition that is leading the fight to defeat Prop 8 and defend the fundamental right to marry for all Californians. Help me help them. Contribute to my fundraising page today!

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