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by Maura Satchell

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As a Director of Veterans and Military Families for Progress (, as mother of two Iraq War vets, and as member of the DNC's Veterans and Military Families Council, I dearly love my country and believe candidates with strong, sound stances deserve our support. The following military veterans are competing in races where your dollars can make the difference.

Please make a contribution to one or all of these worthy candidates.

Disclaimer: My opnions and indication of support at this page are completely my own and do not necessarily reflect those of VMFP or the DNC's VMFC, or even my two fine sons for that matter.

Image of Bob Tuke

Bob Tuke


There are those people, you know the ones, who step into the breach, serve their country, no matter what the cost, no matter how great the odds. Bob Tuke is one of those individuals, facing Senator Lamar Alexander if he makes it through the Tennessee Democratic Party Primary in August.

Smart: Bob was president of the Vanderbilt University Law Review his final year there.

Successful: He was named one of the Best Lawyers in America and ranked among the top 100 Super Lawyers in Tennessee.

Principled: As past president of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys he clearly supports family values. What's more, he educates future lawyers on ethics asan adjunct professor at Vanderbilt University School of Law.

Courageous: Bob was an active duty Marine officer during the height of Vietnam and served in country in 1971, receivng the personal Cross of Gallantry and other decorations.

Committed to turning Tennessee Blue: after serving as Co-Chair of Kerry/Edwards campaign in Tennessee, bob stepped in to chair the Tennessee Democratic Party from mid-2005 to January 2007.

Help Bob beat the odds as he eventually faces off against one of the nation's dozen wealthiest senators.

Bob can do this. Please help!

Image of Tim Walz

Tim Walz


Congressman Walz brings sorely needed expertise in a number of areas including China, Education, Military, Veterans, and Native American affairs to serve not only the first district of Minnesota but the entire country. Co-president of the 110th Congress' freshman class, his colleagues recognized early on this retired National Guard CSM's wisdom and earnest desire to restore America to its former glory.

Image of John Boccieri

John Boccieri


John Boccieri is a state Senator from Ohio who's running for Congress in the 16th District. He is also a Major, Aircraft Commander, and C-130 pilot in the U.S. Air Force Reserve. And served four deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan flying airlifted wounded and fallen soldiers from Baghdad.

"I ask you to join me this Memorial Day as we salute our soldiers' duty, sacrifice and commitment for our country. Whether we agree with this war or not, we must thank the families of our soldiers' for their sacrifices here at home, and remember the great honor American soldiers bestow upon our country by placing themselves in harm's way."

John delivered the Democratic address Memorial Day weekend urging Bush and McCain to support S-22 the 21st GI Bill.

He is a fellow member of the DNC's Veterans and Military Families Council and I'd like to ask you all to help John deliver Ohio 16, changing it from red to blue.

Image of Jon Powers

Jon Powers


With youthful vigor, but experience, education, and a sincerity that prompted Jon Powers to seek a way to help the young Iraqis orphaned from the war there, Jon exudes integrity, something recognized by fellow veterans who don't necessarily share his democratic leanings. In this, his first run for Congress, let's help him win so that he can continue to serve America, only this time, in Washington, rather than in Iraq.

Image of Jerry W. Northington

Jerry W. Northington


This Vietnam veteran who served in the Infantry knows the horrors of war first hand. Upon returning home, he studied and earned his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine and began a lifelong career treating animals and teaching the profession. His opponent, Michael Castle, is an eight-term Republican who needs to recognize it is time to rest and relax. Perhaps he is deaf to the message because he voted against H.R. 3159 a bill to mandate minimum periods of rest and recuperation for units and members of the regular and reserve components of the Armed Forces between deployments for Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation Enduring Freedom.

America simply cannot afford insufficient troop readiness - it's a matter of national security and one would think a Congressman from Delaware would recognize that!

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