by Melissa Fox for California Assembly - 70th AD - 2010


Melissa Fox is a passionate and hard-working advocate for families, the middle class, small business, schools, jobs and economic growth. She is an Orange County native, a wife and mother, a dedicated community leader, and a litigator who knows what it takes to win.

Melissa is running a dynamic campaign that harnesses populist anger at legislators in Sacramento who have slashed education spending, raised taxes and fees on middle class voters, and done nothing to bring jobs and money back into her district.

This is a district where the largest employer used to be the El Toro Marine Base. Now the largest employer is UC Irvine, where 9,000 faculty and employees have been forced to take pay cuts and 30,000 students have seen their fees increase by 32%.

President Obama won the 70th Assembly District by 8,721 votes.

With your contribution, Melissa can win too.

Here's what others have said about Melissa Fox:.

"What if I told you that someone was truly working to create a better world, was well-organized, and simply needed to show financial support to be able to have a shot at winning. One of our best chances to take a seat in the State House -- and to get closer to the 2/3 supermajority we need to fix the state -- is Melissa Fox, running for caveman Chuck DeVore's seat in Irvine." The Daily Kos

"Melissa Fox has a real chance in this district. Progressives support Melissa. She's smart, tough, and believes in education and effective government. She also has a career fighting for small businesses. At Orange County Progressive, we love candidates like Melissa Fox." O.C. Progressive

ā€œIā€™m pleased to support the campaign of Melissa Fox for AD-70 in California. It will be a pleasure to have an assembly member from Orange County who cares about public education and knows Orange County continues to get the short end of the stick when it comes to education dollars.ā€ The Liberal O.C.

"On the Democratic side [Melissa Fox's] digital campaign easily overshadows the online efforts of all of the Republicans combined." The Orange County Register

"Help Melissa show Republicans in Orange County that the tide is turning." Calitics

Your contribution now will help send Melissa Fox -- a fighter for families, the middle class, small business, schools, jobs and economic growth -- to the California Assembly!!

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Melissa Fox