Contribute Now to Stand with Ron Wyden

by Senator Jeff Merkley


Ron Wyden is the kind of senior Senator we need in Oregon. He’s a problem solver who isn’t afraid to take on the tough challenges. Whether it is a local concern, like Oregon veterans not getting the treatment and respect they deserve, or a national one, like tackling the special interest loopholes in our tax system, Ron rolls up his sleeves and finds a solution.

Just like you stood with me two years ago, please now stand with Ron Wyden.

Wyden is leading the fight for us, taking on the secret holds that are gridlocking Senate business, the unfair credit card fees and rate hikes that are punishing consumers and the bureaucratic delays stopping clean energy projects and blocking good jobs here in Oregon.

Ron has always stood up for Oregonians and now it’s time for us to stand up for him. If you haven't yet voted, please send in your ballot today -- don't procrastinate! - with a vote for Ron so he can keep fighting to make life better for all of us.

We've seen how massive, late ad buys by outside special interests can sway elections. Please make a grassroots contribution to Ron to ensure he can fend off the late attacks.

Jeff Merkley

Image of Ron Wyden

Ron Wyden