Contribute Now to Michael Gee for Rick Noriega

by Michael Galvagni


This is the election cycle we must aim as high as possible! Just winning the White House alone would be a really really bad day. To bring the historic change we need the Democrats need to pick up more House seats and more Senate seats.

Especially, given their rules, we need to win pick up every Senate seat we can. That is why, despite the fact I no long live in Texas, I just made my largest political contribute ever. Every cent went to the Texas Democratic Candidate for Senate Rick Noriega. How big was my contribution? Well, lets just say it amounted to five sixth of my tax rebate.

Rick Noriega will make an exceptional Senator having served in both the armed forces and in public office. He has served Texas Army National Guard in Afghanistan and in the Texas State Legislation. John Cornyn on the other hand has been a rubber stamp for the failed policies of the Bush Administration. He, and a President McCain, would keep us in Iraq for 100 years and bringing the troops home would not be important (to paraphrase the soon to be GOP nominee).

If I was still living in the Dallas area I would be preaching to anyone you would listen that the Rick Noriega campaign is the place to focus your energy and the place to send your dollars. Could you help me reach my goal of $2,000 for the Rick Noriega.

Image of Rick Noriega

Rick Noriega