Contribute Now to Contribute to change

by Michelle Holland social justice advocate


Help take Congress back one district at time.

Support Stephen Harrison Democrat for Congress.

  • If you believe the war in Iraq is unjust and is not making us safer
  • If you believe in real familiy values such as decreasing poverty, insuring every American, properly funding education and granting every child the opportunity to pay for college
  • If your fed up with the corruption, cover ups and scandals
Then you have a responsibility to be part of the solution.
Please support Stephen Harrison, a Democrat running for Congress.

I learned about Stephen Harrison on a progressive blog and decided to attend a debate between him and his Republican opponent, Vito Fosella. It became clear right away that Stephen was passionate and knowledgable about the issues and unlike his opponent he did not rely on sound bytes and fear tactics to garner support.
I was inspired to start volunteering because for the first time I felt hopeful that change is a possibility and there are politicians out there who are dedicated to "doing the right thing."

Stephen Harrison is commited to improving national security and keeping our neighborhoods safer. He advocates scanning all shipping containers before port entry. He wants to establish a national second responder corps to help address both terrorism and natural disasters. He also wants to get handguns off the street.

Steve Harrison also shares what I believe are real faimily values, raising minimum wage, increasing affordable housing, enacting universal health care , restoring cuts in education and Pell grants. Please go to his website to learn more about Steve Harrison and his stance on various local and national issues.

It is critical that we support Democratic candidates who have the integrity to stand up for us and address the issues that we care about. Right now we have the opportunity to make a change but we need to support our Democrats candidates in order to make change a reality.

Unfortunately canidates can not just rely on their integrity, vision and new ideas, they need money in order to compete with thier opponents. Not suprisingly Steve's opponent has big corporate campaign donors. Please support Steve Harrison to ensure he has a fair chance in running against a corporate-backed "Bush Republican."

There is too much at stake to do nothing. Any contribution you can afford will be appreciated.

Image of Stephen A. Harrison

Stephen A. Harrison