Contribute Now to Three Michigan Candidates for a House Majority

by Congressman John Conyers


Today I am calling on you to help three of our Michigan candidates who are challenging incumbent Republicans.

We are at the defining moment of an election where we have the best chance to take back the House since Republicans took over in 1994. Michigan voters can have a big impact this November by supporting some of our best progressive candidates.

I ask that you help any or all of these campaigns with a donation or by volunteering to help get out the vote. Your help at this critical time can make a difference in the fight for the majority.

These three Michigan candidates have run strong campaigns. They need your help right now to carry them to victory on November 7th. Please help today if you are able.

Image of Tony Trupiano

Tony Trupiano


I’m actively supporting my friend Tony Trupiano for Congress because Tony is a born-and-bred Michigander who stands up for everyone the current Republican Congress ignores. Tony has used his voice on talk radio to stand up for progressive ideals that matter to the 11th District.

Image of Jim Marcinkowski

Jim Marcinkowski


Jim is a friend of mine who would make a great Congressman for Michigan’s Eighth Congressional District. He served in the CIA with distinction and publicly drew attention to the agency's role in deceiving the American public with inaccurate "intelligence" supporting George Bush's rush to war against Iraq. Jim Marcinkowski has the national security experience we need in Washington to keep our country safe.

Image of Nancy Skinner

Nancy Skinner


I’m proud to support Nancy Skinner for Congress because, to change the tone in Washington, Democrats are going to need progressive leaders like Nancy to stand up and speak out for Michigan values. The progressive message and values she has focused on as a nationally syndicated talk radio host will make her a welcome new voice in Washington.

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