Contribute Now to Desperate for a Progressive Congress?

by Patricia Gracian


I believe candidates with strong, sound stances deserve our support, and this is a race where your dollars can make the difference. Please make a contribution to this critical cause.

Nationally and locally we the citizens have been made into beggars by our unresponsive representatives to Congress. We deserve and must support those who will consistently vote to put the brakes on this administration.

With every cowardly vote from our DINO incumbents, we lose our precious liberties and protections from an abusive and unrestrained government. We lose protections from unsafe water, toxic food, polluted air, and dangerous products. We lose the chance to live in peace and free of unending war and insurmountable debt. The last few years under the Bush administration have clearly demonstrated the results of an inept, corrupt, and unrestrained administration.

If you are desperate to - Hold this administration accountable

If you are desperate to - Restore our Constitution and our Bill of Rights

If you are desperate to - Stop unending wars and hair-raising national debt

If you are desperate to - Stop runaway healthcare and drug costs

If you are desperate to - Stop the uncontrolled erosion of our job base


If you are desperate for - Justice and the Rule of Law

If you are desperate for - Protection of our environment and of wildlife habitats

If you are desperate for - Action on global warming

If you are desperate for - Radical change to our energy policy

If you are desperate for your voice to be heard and YOUR VOTE TO COUNT-


Incumbents who, despite their comforting rhetoric and a "D" to follow their name- continue to vote for the Bush agenda- doom us to the continued tyranny of a corporate-run government which cares little for our needs.

The unholy alliance of corporations and lobbyists with the rubber-stamp Republican and DINO incumbents can end only if we replace the do-nothing incumbents with Aggressive Progressives.

If you are desperate to bring the Bush agenda to a full stop, you MUST vote for candidates who are cut from the same cloth as YOU. You must vote for an activist who has been struggling against the same abuses as YOU have.

That candidate for Congressional District 53 is Mike Copass: Please visit Mike Copass's web site to learn more.

Stop voting for the same old tired incumbent who has voted the wrong way time after time. The incumbent Susan Davis is likable, and well-recognized. But her voting record has been consistently in-line with the continuation of the Iraq occupation and against holding this administration accountable. Our nation cannot long endure an unrestrained and law-breaking executive branch.

Let's hold them accountable!

Lend your support to the candidate who WILL vote in our interest!

Lend your support to Mike Copass for the CA-53rd!

Image of Mike Copass

Mike Copass


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