Contribute Now to 1,000,000 Strong

by The ActBlue Team


Today, ActBlue celebrates an important milestone: our 1,000,000th contribution!

Enjoy it, because it's your moment in the sun. That seven-figure number on our homepage is shorthand for the work of hundreds of thousands of Democrats fighting for the causes and candidates that matter to them. And you're part of that--you've become a member of a diverse community of Americans committed to the idea that they should have a voice in their political future.

And for half a decade we've taken your voice and amplified it. We've shown reporters, legislators, candidates and staffers the power that your voice represents. On this milestone day, we'd like to ask you to chip in to keep the volume up.

We're asking you because from day 1, ActBlue has been funded via tips and direct donations from our users. Five years and one million contributions later, we're still going strong.

Your $15 recurring donations have helped us keep Democratic innovation alive. When the party turned away from the 50-state strategy, we worked to expand into the states they were leaving. We knew there were Democratic voices there that deserved to be heard and today, they are. From mayoral races in Texas to senate races in Arkansas, Democrats are using ActBlue to take ownership of their political future.

So while we celebrate our shared milestone, please remember: Democratic ideas depend on ActBlue, and ActBlue depends on you.

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