Contribute Now to Ming's No on Prop 8 page

by Ming Wong


The ballot description for Proposition 8 makes it perfectly clear. Prop 8 "eliminates the right of same sex couples to marry."

No On Prop 8, Equality For All is the coalition that is leading the fight to defeat Prop 8 and defend the fundamental right to marry for all Californians. They need funding to get ads out all over California to educate voters and counter the misinformation being put out there by the anti-gay folks.

Don't let Discrimination get written into the California Constitution

Also: Many of you know that I'm a non-citizen and so cannot donate. So please, I'm counting on those of you who are allowed to donate to help me raise money!

Contribute to my fundraising page today!

Please also ask your friends and family to vote NO on 8, and to donate to support No on 8's campaign to preserve California's guarantee of equal protection to all.

Suggested donation is $150

Equality for All