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Folks, these are the candidates who need your attention, help and support. We ask that you pick a single candidate, donate $10 and tell 10 of your friends to do the same (and so on and so forth). We're calling it the Minvolved 10 x 10 campaign. To learn more, go to and click on the 10 x 10 button. Small donations at the grassroots level can change politics. Don't lose out to special interest money. Organize, donate, get involved.

Andrew Borene


Andrew is running for the State Senate in District 41 against GOP Senator Geoff Michel. You can't donate to his campign directly through this site, but you can by clicking here:

You can view the rest of the site here:

Dean Johnson


Dean Johnson is the current Majority Leader in the MN Senate. You can donate to his campaign by clicking here:

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Tim Walz


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Coleen Rowley


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