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The campaign to recall Republican Governor Rick Snyder in Michigan has passed 50% of the 806,522 signatures required to force a new election. Panicked by this, local Republicans are now making robocalls claiming the recall petitions are a form of identity theft.

We are looking to make Michigan Republicans freakout even more by collecting 100% of the signatures required to trigger a recall election. The plan is to hire new organizers to supplement what has so far been an all-volunteer effort.

For every $5,500 we raise, a new organizer can be on the ground in 72 hours. Please, chip in to Fire Rick Snyder and Daily Kos today.

You can also contribute to Fire rick Snyder via PayPal (click link and scroll down on left hand side of page), or send checks to: The Committee to Recall Rick Snyder, PO Box 98, Standish, MI 48658-0098

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