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by Mitch Goldwater

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It's that time again, folks, and this is an important year. The Republicans are hoping that we won't turn out and that we won't be willing to fund our people. I wanted to make it easy to find our candidates and contribute to them concisely via act blue (you only have to enter your credit card once!). So read the blurbs and scroll down to make individual donations. You can choose individually from these candidates, of you can choose to donate to all of them. And drop me a line if you'd like to see more names on the list.

* Joe Sestak, a House member and former Vice Admiral, is our candidate for Senate. (He won his primary against Arlen Specter.) Sestak is running closely against far-right Pat Toomey, who is farther right than Rick Santorum but smarter.

* Dan Onorato--our candidate for Governor--is fighting to beat PA's AG, Tom Corbett. This is also a close one, and we need to keep the Governorship in Democratic hands. Onorato is Allegheny County's Chief Executive and is fiscally on the ball as well as pretty progressive; Corbett, frankly, is a little scary.

* Michael Pipe is our candidate for the US House. He's young, yes, but he is a fighter and he represents us well. Drop him a dime so he can sell himself and the Democratic philosophy through our district, the largest east of the Mississippi.

* The DSCC funds Democratic Senate candidates, the DCCC funds House candidates, and the DNC fund nationally--House or Senate (or Presidential during those years) and other issue campaigns. They all can use a boost right now.

* Chris Carney's district touches on a section of Tioga County. Carney beat Don Sherwood in 2006 and represents much of Williamsport., all of Bradford County and parts west. He needs the funds to fight his opponent, who is lately trying to slime Carney.

Best, Mitch G.

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