Contribute Now to MoveOn Members Endorse: Fire Marriage Amendment Supporters

by the MoveOn PAC and MoveOn members

This list of the MoveOnPAC's endorsements for U.S. House and Senate has been reproduced from the candidate endorsement page on the MoveOnPAC web site.

With MoveOn members' help, we've identified four great progressive candidates who are running against strong supporters of writing discrimination into the Constitution. Together, we can help these folks win their races and prove that the politics of hope are stronger than the politics of division.

In the first round of MoveOn Members Endorse, we raised $325,000 in critical donations for four deserving candidates. These gifts are incredibly important for progressive candidates, who can't count on big business and special interest groups to fund their campaigns. [View all candidates]

Kalyn Free


Help Kalyn Beat a Conservative Dem and Make History in Oklahoma

Kalyn Free is running an exciting, historic race for an open seat in Oklahoma's second Congressional District, where the Democratic incumbent is running for the U.S. Senate. Free, a member of the Choctaw Nation, was the youngest attorney in history hired by the U.S. Department of Justice at the age of 23, where she worked for 10 years prosecuting big corporations that pollute our environment. As the first woman ever elected district attorney of her region, Kalyn focused on violence against women and child abuse. She's now in a tight primary race against a very conservative Democrat who supports the Marriage Amendment, supports the war in Iraq, and has received significant backing from the oil and gas industry and the NRA. Free would vote against the Federal Marriage Amendment in Congress. And if elected, Free would be the first Native American woman in history to serve in the U.S. Congress.

“I have seen Kalyn speak at many events in the district and all I have to say is, "WOW". This is one powerful woman. She was the youngest attorney to work for the U.S. Department of Justice where she defended this great green Earth from nasty corporations who pollute our air, land, and water. I admire her conserving and protecting our environment and that's why I am voting for Kalyn Free." -- Kathi, Oklahoma

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Image of Jon Jennings

Jon Jennings


Help Jennings Take Out a Conservative Who Thinks the Marriage Amendment Doesn't Go Far Enough

Jon Jennings is campaigning to return responsive and progressive representation to the Hoosiers in Indiana's 8th District. He has focused his campaign on creating good jobs, ensuring every American has affordable access to health care, and making certain that every child receives the best possible education. Jennings was born and raised in Richmond, Indiana and worked in professional basketball before becoming a White House Fellow in the Clinton Administration and then working in the Justice Department for Janet Reno. Jennings is challenging John Hostettler, one of the most conservative and ideological members of the House. Hostettler actually said he would vote against the Federal Marriage Amendment in favor of the even more radical Marriage Protection Act (HR 3313) which removes the power of courts to determine the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act.

“Jon Jennings is a bona fide Democrat who opposes the antics of the Bush administration and its minions. Jennings has shown an ability to organize and fundraise and has a real chance to take this seat for the Democrats” -- Vicki, Terre Haute, IN

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Image of Richard Romero

Richard Romero


Support A Long Time Progressive Leader Taking on a Bush Administration Friend

Richard Romero is a progressive candidate running in New Mexico's first Congressional district against incumbent Heather Wilson. A veteran, state senator, and teacher and principal for 27 years, Richard Romero is focusing on education, universal healthcare, and veterans' issues. Romero is pro-choice and opposed to the constitutional ban on gay marriage. His opponent, Heather Wilson, is a right-wing conservative who rubber-stamps Bush Administration policies and Tom Delay's tactics. Romero is running a strong race in the swing state of New Mexico, where voters are responding to his positive message. The race is already neck and neck, and we can put it over the top.

“...He has for years fought to protect the environment, is a fervent supporter of women's rights and believes healthcare and quality education to be top priorities. He has called for an investigation into the Iraq prison scandal and has called for Rumsfeld to step down...” -- Tom, Pacitas, NM

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Image of Jim Stork

Jim Stork


Highly Successful, Openly Gay Leader Has Strong Chance of Taking Back Broward County, FL Seat

Jim Stork, who is openly gay, is locked in a one of the most competitive races in the country against conservative Republican Clay Shaw. He's in a Democratic leaning district where Gore won by 5% in 2000 and John Kerry is currently leading by double digits. Jim Stork's fresh new approach and his background as a small business owner and one of the youngest mayors in Broward County has energized young voters and grassroots volunteers with the promise of new leadership. Stork is focusing on critical issues including stem cell research, funding education programs, and combating sky rocketing health insurance costs. Stork has been a leader on gay rights issues and is running against an incumbent Congressman who has voted with the Bush Administration 92% of the time.

“I am supporting Jim Stork for Congress because I know him to be a hands-on, effective leader who is an excellent listener, and the right choice for change in District 22! I believe other MoveOn members will find him to be genuine, sincere and a true believer in the importance of real grassroots campaigning!” -- Amy, Davie, FL

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