Contribute Now to Help Send Nakhone to Protect the Freedom to Marry in Maine

by Nakhone Keodara

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(since September 25, 2009)

Dear Friends, Family and Allies,

In May, Maine became the fifth state in the nation to win marriage equality. But the fight is not over. Opponents want to turn back the clock by placing a referendum – modeled after California's Prop 8 – on this November’s ballot.

Maine has now become ground zero in the national fight for marriage equality. As a national community, we need to rally around Maine and send the message we will not turn back the clock.

I was one of the leading Field Organizers in Los Angeles for the No On Prop 8 campaign and have been fighting for marriage equality for the past 5 years. Thank you for helping me do what's right and to be able to lend my experience to protect the freedom to marry in Maine!

I have volunteered to join the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and travel to Maine from October 24 to November 3rd to help them set up and implement their Get Out the Vote program by supplementing their volunteer leadership, as well as help with their on the ground canvassing efforts the week prior .

I need your help to do it. I’m taking a week and a half of vacation to go. My travel costs will be between $500 to $800 - will you please help me by making a donation today?!

Breakdown of Travel Expenses:

  • $50: airline booking fee.
  • $250: 7-day car rental for four volunteers.
  • $500: 1 West Coast round trip ticket AND 1 East Coast round trip ticket.
  • $5,000: the entire weekend carpool program.

What your donation will do:

  • Pay booking fee for donated plane tickets purchased with airline miles.
  • Launch "Drive for Equality": a full-scale weekend volunteer recruitment program.
  • Licensing of Obama for America carpooling application.
  • Help arrange for 50-100 airline tickets for traveling volunteers.
  • Increase in online and off-line recruitment efforts.
  • Ability to subsidize on-the-ground transportation. Every dollar counts!

Any donations received above the amount of my expenses will be donated to advance equality!

On a personal level, Maine is also ground zero for me because the late love of my life Marc was born and raised in Sandford and Welles, Maine. Marc is the reason I became an activist. I was kept outside his ICU when Marc passed away from AIDS in November of 2005 in Atlanta, Georgia. The Piedmont Hospital staff wouldn't allow me to visit Marc or see him because we're not married and I am not considered next of kin. Georgia had just passed Amendment 1 banning gay marriage in 2004.

If he was alive, Marc would have want me to go to Maine. He would have dropped everything and go back to defend his fellow LGBT Mainers in a heartbeat. I never had closure because of what happened when Marc died. This is my tribute to his loving memory and to ensure that not one more LGBT soul has to endure the pain of such injustice in a time of profound loss. We all deserve to live and die with dignity and respect. I hope you can help me go to Maine.

Please give what you can. You make all the difference!!!

Yours in solidarity, -Nakhone Keodara Gays United Network, Founder

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