Contribute Now to Moneybomb to Defeat Amendment One

by Jeremy Kennedy


Our opposition is going on the air beginning April 23rd, and we know what kinds of ads that they will run. They will say that this amendment is simply about marriage, even as conservative leaders say otherwise. They will claim that no harms exist, even as nonpartisan experts showcase that they do. More importantly, we know that these ads will misinform and even attack North Carolinians who are just trying to live their life.

I know that we have asked you for a lot in recent weeks - we appreciate your generosity, and we hope that you will help us get the resources we need to fight back. Your money to defeat the constitutional amendment will allow us to go on air with the truth about the harms of this amendment. It will pay for field organizers, radio ads, direct mail, and more.

Every dollar you give to the campaign will go directly to defeating the constitutional amendment - and every dollar that you give today will be doubled.

Please stand with us. North Carolina needs you.

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Coalition to Protect ALL NC Families

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