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by Nate de la Piedra


After having raised $500 with my First Act Blue Page by July 1st (way earlier in the cycle then I expected), I have created this page with the goal of Raising/donating $1,000 to my favorite candidates by the elections.

I am on the Exec Committee of the Fairfax County Young Dems, and have been working on campaigns for over 5 years now (still a newbie, I know).

The candidates or organizations on this page have all shown a strong desire to reach out to their communities (not simply buying TV ads) understand people powered politics, and will use this money to build the party through thier campaigns.

Image of Andrew Hurst

Andrew Hurst


Andy has been out knocking on doors both personally and with teams of volunteers since August 2005, this man understands people powered politics, and he has a real shot at taking out Tom Davis.

Image of Ned Lamont

Ned Lamont


The only real Democrat in the Senate Primary

Image of James Webb

James Webb


Born Fighting, 'nuff said.

Democratic National Committee (DNC) - OLD ENTITY

Help support the 50 state strategy.

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