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Our Mission

Northside DFA is a diverse group of volunteers dedicated to electing socially progressive, fiscally responsible, ethically committed Democrats to office at all levels of government. We are united in the belief that a small group of dedicated citizens can change America one election at a time.

We organize campaign volunteer activities and host social events and issue forums to connect with each other and the larger community.

We also support the candidates we endorse by making their fundraising accessible to our members and supporters. Check out the candidates below - you can make a contribution to one of them, or as many as you like!

What Sets Us Apart

We believe time is just as valuable as money, so we encourage supporters to volunteer - have honest conversations with voters, like doing door-to-door canvassing and/or phone calls, or to help campaigns in other ways. Just as we work to change "America One Election at a Time", we work to win elections one voter at a time..

We Need Your Help!

Your donation to Northisde DFA will help us spread the word about our group and get more people involved in changing our country. To learn more about Northside DFA, to see a list of upcoming activites, and to join our group go to our website at

Northside Democracy for America

Northside DFA: "Changing America one election at a time."

Your donation will help pay for the mailings, flyers, palm cards, table displays, and other tools we need to fulfil our mission of electing progressive candidates.

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