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Lt. Col. Rick Noriega is a people powered candidate, ready to represent Texas.

Lt. Col. Rick Noriega is a five term State House member from Houston, Texas. He has served both his state admirably as a public servant and his country in Afghanistan. Now he wants to represent Texas in the U.S. Senate.

Lt. Col. Rick Noriega was asked to lead again in the wake of Hurricane Katrina when Houston Mayor Bill White asked Rep. Noriega to lead the task force aiding evacuees.

Image of Rick Noriega

Rick Noriega


"When our forefathers created this country, they risked their lives, their families, their property and their futures. This is going to take all of us, all of you--our time, our treasure, our patience, our faith. I am answering the call and I am asking you to come with me." - Lt. Col. Rick Noriega