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This page emphasizes progressive candidates who can possibly unseat an example of the unacceptable status quo.

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Image of E Wayne Powell

E Wayne Powell


Powell is running against Eric Cantor. Though an incumbent, Cantor's demonstrated willingness to let our government shut down in order to advance his Tea Party agenda has rendered him vulnerable in an election where Obama looks to supply a strong Democratic edge.

Image of Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren


Warren is running against Scott Brown. Brown has crafted a moderate-sounding message, his votes have been anything but moderate. During their debate, Brown made the racist argument that Warren doesn't look like a Native American, then lied about saying it.

Tim Kaine


Kaine is running for U.S. Senate from Virginia against George "Macaca" Allen. Kaine is a popular former governor with name recognition and a strong political network. He can win and give Virginia a Democratic seat in the Senate!

Image of Jim Graves

Jim Graves


Running against Michele Bachmann. Bachmann who, among other things, is an unapologetic dominionist, is publicly panicking as she realizes that this election is not going her way.

Image of Larry Kissell

Larry Kissell


Larry is an incumbent North Carolina Democrat who represents the good and progressive side of a wonderful state that recently debased its constitution with an amendment denying marriage equality to thousands of its own citizens.

Image of Patrick Murphy

Patrick Murphy


Running successfully against Allen West. West's presence in Congress can only be explained by the fact that he is from one of the most outrageously gerrymandered districts in US history. Suffice it to say that West's public pronouncements are an affront to human reason.

Bob Cunniff


Running against wingnut Mary Franson. This summer, speaking at Tea Party rallies, Franson repeatedly compared food stamp recipients to wild animals. Swept into Congress in 2010's Tea Party surge, Franson's tenure is looking to be a short one.

Image of Christie Vilsack

Christie Vilsack


Running against Republican crackpot Steve King. King's main talent as a legislator seems to be an ability to recite the top forty from Teabagistan. Here is a commercial exposing his shameful record on animal welfare:

Image of Chris Murphy

Chris Murphy


from the Albany Times Union:

Just when Republican Senate candidate Linda McMahon was surging, Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” controversy came along. The former wrestling CEO, who has run a disciplined and well-organized campaign, saw a short-lived lead over Democrat Chris Murphy turn into a small but significant deficit over the past three weeks. McMahon still has a chance if her attacks on Murphy’s attendance record and personal finances become significant issues in the eyes of the voters. But a double-digit win by Obama could doom her best efforts.

Image of Ami Bera

Ami Bera


from the Albany Times Union:

Democrat Ami Bera, the former chief medical officer of Sacramento County and a medical professor at the University of California, Davis, ran a respectable race against veteran California conservative Dan Lungren two years ago but fell short amid the national GOP landslide. This year, the tide has turned and California Republicans are playing defense in a state where President Obama could win by 20 percentage points. Lungren and San Diego Republican congressman Brian Bilbray are the incumbents most likely to be swept away if Romney doesn’t close the gap.

Image of Brad Schneider OLD

Brad Schneider OLD


from the Albany Times Union:

Tea Party freshman Bob Dold holds the distinction of representing the most Democratic congressional district currently in Republican hands. Add to that the fact that Illinois is President Obama’s home state and he’s going to win biiiiiiiiiiig there. One Tea Party freshman from Illinois, Joe Walsh, is already toast. But Dold has run a solid campaign and remains in a competitive contest with Democratic businessman Brad Schneider. Romney’s performance could well determine Dold’s future.

Image of Kathryn Boockvar

Kathryn Boockvar


from the Albany Times Union:

Democrats are working overtime to tie Republican congressman Mike Fitzpatrick to Romney. They are calling the incumbent “mini-Mitt” and “Mike FitzRomney” after he told a Tea Party group that Congress needs people who “sign the front of a paycheck, not the back of the paycheck.” An upset winner in 2010, the suburban Philadelphia Republican entered the current election year a clear favorite when the Democrat he ousted, Iraq War veteran Patrick Murphy, decided to run for Pennsylvania attorney general rather than seeking a rematch. But Obama swept Philadelphia’s suburbs in 2008 and is likely to win comfortably among Fitzpatrick’s Bucks County constituents. That gives hope to Democratic nominee Kathy Boockvar, who Fitzpatrick derisively dismisses as “a Pelosi protégé.”

Image of Richard Carmona

Richard Carmona


from the Albany Times Union:

The tough immigration enforcement law that won the state national admirers and detractors has had one unintended effect: It has strongly motivated Latinos and Democrats to come to the polls in 2012. The result is closer-than-anticipated races both for president and Senate in Arizona. While Romney seems likely to hang on, the prognosis is more iffy for Rep. Jeff Flake, the early favorite to succeed retiring Republican Sen. Jon Kyl. The beneficiary is Rich Carmona, President George W. Bush’s U.S. Surgeon General, who is the Democratic Senate nominee. Recent polling shows a close race. If Romney avoids further setbacks, Flake should be able to hold on. If the bottom falls out on the GOP presidential candidate, however, Carmona could be one of the surprise winners on Nov. 6.

Image of Claire McCaskill

Claire McCaskill


McCaskill has built a distinguished record since her election to the Senate in 2006. Her opponent in the 2012 election is the notorious Todd Akin who, since his staggeringly ignorant remarks about "legitimate rape," has doubled down on the extremist rhetoric.

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