Contribute Now to Courage Campaign: A new era for progressive politics in California

by Courage Campaign Issues Committee


We're on the precipice of a new era for progressive politics in California. With your financial help today on ActBlue, we can help make it a reality. Together.

This has been an amazing day for people-powered politics in California.

Tonight, under pressure from the grassroots and netroots, the Senate stopped its rush to grant immunity to law-breaking telecom companies like AT&T and Verizon..

Moments later, we got news from Secretary of State Debra Bowen that, due to a Courage Campaign exclusive video made possible by your grassroots activism, her office will be opening a formal investigation into tactics used by the dirty tricksters trying to steal the White House. And, to top it off, just a few days ago, the people of Potrero rose up in a recall election and overwhelmingly said "no" to Blackwater.

Please take a moment to watch the three short YouTube videos on this page, from the CBS Evening News piece that excerpts the video footage prompting Senator Bowen's investigation to Brad Whitford's video about telecom immunity to a brief film about Carl Meyer, a community leader fighting Blackwater on the California border.

While we may have won these first skirmishes, there are many battles yet to come. Please help us insure that we have many more victories to come in the New Year. Telecom immunity will be back on the floor of the Senate come January and our campaign to convince Senator Feinstein will continue. The dirty tricksters are still trying to place their initiative on the November ballot. And Blackwater is ignoring the will of the people of Potrero, pushing ahead to build a mercenary base on the California border.

With your financial support, we can continue to produce unique actions and compelling videos telling stories that the printed word can never convey. As all three of these videos demonstrate, we're leveraging the power of online organizing to connect you directly to the campaigns we wage.

The Courage Campaign is uniting with the netroots and the grassroots to build people-powered online infrastructure in California. One way we're building netroots infrastructure is by using and supporting ActBlue, the online community tool that empowers anyone to fundraise online for progressive candidates and causes.

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