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Enjoy your Democratic majorities at all levels of elected governments? So do we. That's why we've created Next Generation Democrats so that we can start preparing the next generation of Democratic leaders, today.

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Janet Oleszek


Janet is a great progressive currently serving as the At-Large Member of the Fairfax County School Board, having been elected with the highest number of votes a Democrat ever received.

Janet is running in one of the three seats that Democrats need to win to break the Republican majority in the Virginia State Senate. Her opponent is one of the most conservative members of the State Senate and has repeatedly introduced bills to ban all abortions.

Next Generation Democrats

Next Generation Democrats was founded in order to permanently cement the Democratic majorities gained in the 2006 elections by empowering young leaders in the party with the courage and ability to run for elected offices at all levels of government.

With the recent shift of power in both houses of Congress, Democrats across the nation enjoy a majority rule in our nations Capitol; for the first time in a generation we have the ability to make our progressive vision a reality.

Next Generation Democrats identifies, recruits, and assists tomorrow'€™s leaders in order to ensure the future health of the Democratic Party in two key ways. First, we help to provide Democratic candidates under the age of 40 with the resources they need to get elected. We support young, forward-looking candidates who fight for better education, fiscal responsibility, and respectful foreign policy. Second, we finance young political operatives and campaign staff with living capital so they may continue their efforts. Unfortunately, many young political operatives new to the profession are not paid enough to live on. Next Generation Democrats helps to provide them with the funding they need in order to survive and thrive in the political world.

The people who will lead our party and our nation in the near future are smart, energetic, committed fighters who always choose what is right over what is easy and are more concerned with the state of our nation and its people than with political power. Next Generation Democrats will play a key role in creating a permanent Democratic majority in federal, state, and local levels by helping candidates and Democratic operatives when assistance is needed most, at the beginning of their career.

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