Contribute Now to NGD's "Pay Grant Herring's Rent" Page

by Next Generation Democrats


As you may know we have two primary goals here at Next Generation Democrats (NGD); supporting young progressive candidates and more importantly, assisting young staffers trying to get a start in progressive politics.

Grant Herring is one of these young staffers that we are assisting. Grant just finished his freshman year at George Mason University and is already on his second campaign as paid staff. Due to our assistance he is able to spend the summer serving as the Deputy Field Director for Janet Oleszek for State Senate (VA-37).

Next Generation Democrats

Going to school in Virginia but living in New Jersey put Grant in a difficult position. He was already volunteering on the Oleszek campaign and was ready to step up into a full time position (this means 80+ hours in campaign world) as long as he had enough money to pay the rent during the summer months (as opposed to living at home in NJ rent free). The problem was that while the Oleszek campaign wanted to bring him on board the budget did not account for this extra expenditure of an additional staffer despite breaking fundraising records (being the #2 targeted Senate race in the state, each dollar raised is pretty much pre-allocated).

Working with Janet’s Campaign Manager, we were able to find enough money in the budget that when combined with our earmarked donation allowed Grant to stay in town and work full-time for the campaign.

I Hope that you will join me today in contributing to Next Generation Democrats so that we can continue to support young progressive staffers and allow them the opportunity improve our states and our nation.