Contribute Now to No Dirty Tricks: History and Context

by Joel Wright


The Republican Party: A History of Dirty Tricks

They’ve been lying, cheating and stealing elections for more than a century. The Republican Hall of Campaign Shame includes such scalawags as: millionaire Mark Hanna (1896), Murray Chotiner (1950’s to the 1970’s), Nixon’s Watergate “Plumbers” (1972), Lee Atwater (1980’s and early 1990’s) and the ultimate Republican evildoer, Karl Rove (1990’s to today). In all this time one thing is crystal clear: Republicans have never hesitated to pull any dirty trick, often illegal, always unethical, to fool or even scare Americans into voting for them.

There They Go Again

Currently, California's electoral votes, like 48 other states in the union, are awarded to the candidate who wins the popular vote (called "winner-take-all"). Nebraska and Maine, two small states with few electoral votes, are the only exceptions to that rule.

But winner-take-all goes down the toilet if shady fat-cat Republican operatives can fool Californians into voting for their cynical scheme to steal the 2008 Presidential Election. Called the Presidential Reform Initiative, these Republican crooks and liars want California, and only California, to split its votes for President, thereby guaranteeing the Republican candidate 20 more electoral college votes than they deserve.

Passage of this diabolical scheme would send a powerful message to Washington, and the country, that California approves of allowing corrupt Republicans and their amoral political operatives to decide the fate of our country.

No Dirty Tricks

It’s time to stop Republican dirty tricks. And, in an ironic twist, it is the latest Republican dirty trick, this ‘reform’ initiative, that’s spurring thousands of Californians and Americans all across the country to organize and defeat them. Through the great efforts of the Courage Campaign, we are rising to the challenge presented by these Republican shysters. We are standing up, now, to fight for democracy, free and honest elections. We are building a powerhouse organization of netroots and grassroots activism.

Not in California…Not in America!

We are under no pretension this is only one fight, and only in California. Like junkies, corrupt Republicans are addicted to dirty tricks in their campaigns and have been for over a century. They keep attacking democracy and honest elections in America and that’s why we are developing a long-term nationwide netroots and grassroots organization. Based on citizen activism and support, we are creating the tools, mechanisms and infrastructure to allow all Americans to fight corrupt Republican dirty tricks anywhere, anytime in our great country.

Our fight is your fight.Join us and we will win.

Courage Campaign Issues Committee