Contribute Now to No More Dirty Tricks

by Malacandra


The GOP, in it's never ending battle against Truth, Justice and the American Way, are trying to rig yet another election.

The so-called "Presidential Election Reform Act" (PDF here) is a partisan power grab that would divvy up California's electoral votes in order to add an additional 20 or so precious electors to the Republican column.

There's nothing fair about dividing up California's 53 votes while GOP strongholds like Texas remain winner-take-all states. There's nothing fair about it when important swing states like Ohio and Florida remain winner-take-all states.

It's a con job, and the Courage Campaign is fighting it. California has seen enough Republican dirty tricks, from FERC inaction while our energy market was being gamed, to a gratuitous recall election that removed a sitting Governor without any taint of wrongdoing.

This effort is aimed at California voters, but it impacts everyone in the US: it stacks the deck against a Democrat taking the White House, and everything that Democrats and Progressives feel is important is jeopardized by that. Every single item on our political radar is imperiled by this particularly cynical ploy.

We have to stop it, and the Courage Campaign is on the front lines of this issue. Please chip in what you can to help stop this initiative dead in its tracks.

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