Contribute Now to MN-06: Time to kick Michelle Bachman out of Congress

by Bloggers against new Mccarthyism

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(since October 17, 2008)

Sometimes, you just see something you absolutely can't believe. Well, that's what happened when archconservative Congresswoman Michelle Bachman (MN-06) went on Hardball and called for a purge of "anti-Americans" in the United States Congress.

Just watch it:

Thankfully, the citizens of MN-06 have a better choice: DCCC Red-to-Blue candidate El Tinklenberg. El is currently locked in a tight race and winnable race with Bachmann.

Let's show our outrage in a way that really matters: by kicking Michelle Bachmann out of Congress and replacing her with a sane candidate like El Tinklenberg.

Image of Elwyn Tinklenberg

Elwyn Tinklenberg